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The difference between lvt patterned flooring, WPC flooring, and SPC flooring

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more home decoration began to consider the use of flooring, so the flooring industry is developing rapidly. With the emergence of new floorings, such as lvt patterned flooring, WPC flooring, and SPC flooring, the following will explain the difference between these three kinds of flooring.

lvt patterned flooring

1. lvt patterned flooring.

(1) lvt patterned floor structure: lvt patterned internal floor structure generally includes a UV paint layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, LVT in the substrate layer, and generally in the substrate for three layers of LVT composite together. To improve the dimensional stability of the floor, customers will ask the factory to add glass fiber mesh in the middle substrate layer to reduce the deformation of the floor caused by temperature changes.

(2) The main components of lvt patterned flooring: are PVC resin, stone powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, modifier, carbon black, etc., of which PVC resin and stone powder are the main ones.

(3) The production process of lvt patterned flooring: the most important feature of its production process is the production of LVT sheets of each layer, which is generally processed into sheets of thickness 0.8~1.5mm by way of "dense refining + calendering," and then made into the thickness required by the finished flooring through the way of grouping and hot pressing.

2. WPC flooring.

(1) The structure of WPC flooring: contains the paint layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, LVT layer, and WPC substrate layer;

(2) WPC flooring composition: WPC flooring's main components and lvt patterned flooring are similar. The biggest difference is that the WPC material is added to the foaming agent so that the floor weight is lighter and there is better footing.

(3) WPC flooring production process: from the product structure diagram, it can be seen that WPC flooring is a composite flooring containing LVT and WPC substrate. Its process is first made of the single-layer structure of LVT flooring, then extruded WPC substrate with adhesive pressure paste composite molding, the adhesive used for polyurethane class cold press adhesive.

3. SPC flooring.

(1) the structure of SPC flooring: SPC flooring on the market includes three types, single-layer SPC flooring laminated online, LVT and SPC composite AB structure, and ABA structure of SPC composite flooring.

(2) the main components of SPC flooring: the same PVC class of flooring products, its main raw material types are the same, and LVT flooring is different, SPC flooring substrate in the production process added to the lubricant, to more smoothly complete the extrusion.

(3) SPC flooring production process: similar to WPC flooring substrate, SPC substrate is also extruded and calendered by an extrusion machine into the sheet-like plate, then laminated with color film and wear-resistant layer on the surface. If the SPC composite flooring of AB or ABA structure, the SPC substrate is extruded first, and the LVT layer is pressed and laminated by group blank compounding.

The above is the difference between lvt patterned, WPC, and SPC flooring. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!

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