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Decoration choose spc vinyl flooring or wood flooring

When it comes to new home decoration, the ground is one of the "big head", after all, the area is so large, if the impact is not well laid is also very big. That flooring material only wood flooring and tile can choose? Of course not, you can choose spc vinyl flooring.

spc vinyl flooring

Look at the appearance of spc vinyl flooring alone, in fact, and wood flooring is very similar, their main difference is the difference in raw materials. Wooden flooring is made of density board substrate and glue as raw material, but spc vinyl flooring is made of calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride pressed.

Compared to the two, spc vinyl flooring has less glue and is therefore much more environmentally friendly than wood flooring.

In addition to environmental protection, the thickness of spc vinyl flooring will be thinner than wood flooring, the thickness of wood flooring is basically about 1.5 cm, while the thickness of spc vinyl flooring is only about 4 mm.

Wooden flooring is more worried about a wear-resistant problem, sometimes the family furniture moved always worried about the wooden floor will be scratched. But spc vinyl flooring has a layer of wear-resistant layer, wear resistance can be said to be several times the ordinary wood flooring, after the installation is not too worried about the problem of floor friction.

spc vinyl plank flooring

Wooden flooring is afraid of "wear", but also afraid of "water", once the water into some parts can be said to be scrapped, so the waterproof floor is really necessary. spc vinyl flooring surface after a special process, so There are no air holes, so water will not penetrate into it.

There is calcium powder in the raw material of spc vinyl flooring, plus it is very light and thin, so you don't have to worry about the floor bulge when laying underfloor heating, and it can also speed up the heat conduction.

In addition to these, spc vinyl flooring itself does not require much maintenance, but also to save a maintenance costs, think about it is also very cost-effective. If you have enough budget, you can use spc vinyl flooring when you are renovating.

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