• First Use
    Before moving furniture and décor onto your new floor, sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floor. Then lightly damp mop with well wrung mop.
  • Simple Protection
    Wherever possible, use walk off mats at entrances and doorways. Non-staining floor protectors under heavy furniture, chairs, and tables are also a good idea.
  • Cleaning Dos
    Choose a pH-neutral floor cleaner - nothing with a floor polish or detergent in it. We recommend Encore Care for Luxury Vinyl Flooring.
  • Cleaning Don’ts
    Don't use treated dust mops, they may leave a residue. Don't use vacuums with rotating beater bars on hard surfaces. Avoid using mop and shine products and steam mops.
What is BIO?

LVT superior layer ( including UV coating, film decorative and vinyl ) with 4 sizes painted bevel which gives a realistic aspect together with its Real Touch Surface. BIO-floor is 40% lighter than SPC floor, Lower density of BIO-floor. BIO-floor does not have any shrinkage, warpage and swell, so there is no need for partition to install the floor. Fireproof class A. The foot feel is comparable to the solid wood floor. Mute better than SPC. The click lock is stronger.

Plank Size
  • 190×1210mm ( 7.48"× 47.6")

  • ( The thinner the floor, the smaller the size needs to be. )

Product Detail
  • Thickness
  • Wear Layer
  • Density
    EN ISO 23997
  • Surface Texture
  • EIR Error
  • Squareness
  • Straightness
  • Gap Between
  • Dimensional Stability
    EN434 / ASTM F 2199
  • Curling
  • Peeling Strength
  • Click tension Strength
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Rensidual Indentation
    EN 433 /ASTM F 1914
  • Abrasion Resistance
    EN660-2 / ASTM 3389
    Group T Pass
    Wear Index: 0.128
  • Rensistance To Heat
    ASTM F 1514
  • Light Fastness
    EN ISO 105-B02/ASTM F-15115
  • Reaction To Fire
    EN 13501-1 /ASTM E-648-06
    Class 1
  • Smoke Desity
    ASTM E662
  • Slip Resistance
    EN 13893/ DIN 51130/ ASTM C-1028
    Class DS R10 Dry : 0.8 Wet: 0.7
  • Chemical Resistance
    ASTM F925
    Pass No more than a slight change in suface dulling,
    surface attack or staining
  • Castor Chair Suitability
    EN425/ NALFA/ANSI LF-11
    Pass No visible damage after 35000 revolution
  • Underfloor Heating
    Suitable, max 27℃
  • VOC Emissions VOC
    FloorScore CE

Category of Type Flooring

BIO-Flooring is very similar with the real wood flooring, it is with more lower density, it is around 40% lighter than SPC flooring. It also has the same advantages as the SPC flooring and LVT flooring, because the top layer is with LVT superior layer, and the base material is EBF core, so the products has the good touch feeling and the best resistance the shrinking, swelling and warpage after they were installed. BIO-Flooring is with the fireproof, it is Class A. The sound insulation also is better than SPC flooring.

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