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Five principles of lvt patterned flooring color selection

With the development of society, many families began to consider their house decoration, which the decoration of the ground to become one of the key consideration parts, and some families will consider choosing to use lvt patterned flooring.

lvt patterned flooring

However, the vt pattern flooring on the market today has various types and colors, and homeowners often feel dazzled and do not know where to start. The pattern and color of the floor can directly affect the style and atmosphere of the home. For example, dark brown is more warm and steady; walnut color is elegant and generous; light, off-white tone with a casual atmosphere; smoky color is recommended with vintage, rustic, or country style. Also, consider the color scheme of the walls and furniture in your home and master the details of each space to create the warmest space. We can consider the following five principles when choosing the lvt patterned flooring color.

(1) Assess the room's brightness and poor lighting to avoid choosing dark lvt patterned flooring. If you assess the innate lack of light at home, you should avoid buying too dark wood grain flooring, lest the whole space is too dark, making the space narrow and producing a sense of visual oppression. Bright space in the floor color is not limited; however, if the home lighting is not good, you should avoid picking dark flooring again;

(2) Consider the size of the area. Small rooms do not use the color system of compressed vision. Color can affect the visual sense of space, as bright warm colors have an expansion effect; conversely, cold and dark colors have a compression effect. Therefore, before buying flooring, you can first think about the size of the living room. If it is a relatively small space, it is recommended to buy bright light-colored flooring is better. And the color is thick, heavy, lvt patterned flooring, is suitable for the area of the more abundant space, and can produce a quiet, steady feeling.

(3) according to the function of space selection, applicable flooring types vary from user to user. The different functions of the space and the applicable flooring type are also different. For example, the bedroom will usually choose warm or neutral color lvt patterned flooring, giving people a more quiet, warm feeling. And if it is a child's room or playroom, be sure to pay attention to the wear resistance of the floor. Study with a slightly darker color, lvt patterned flooring but also can create another kind of Oriental elegance.

(4) flooring and furniture with the logic, master the shade with the sex can be the safe color selection. In addition to the walls, the floor in the visual proportion is not small, and the floor will not change almost easily, so the floor color has to be carefully considered before making a decision. Homeowners can grasp the general principle if the home for light-colored furniture and the flooring safety color selection range is larger. Still, if the home is mostly dark furniture, it is recommended not to choose too dark, lvt patterned flooring to avoid the entire space being too dark, losing the warmth and softness desired.

(5) Use the same color extension skills to enlarge the space between the floor and the wall color matching skills. Many modern families like the white flooring of the tranquil and resort atmosphere, but white flooring, on the one hand, is not easy to clean. On the other hand, it is easy to produce a heavy feeling because of the surrounding heavy colors. If you want a fresh and natural home atmosphere, you can pick a better handle on the gray and white tones, which can also create a relaxed and casual atmosphere. In addition, walls and floors can deliberately use close colors, such as close wood grain tones, presenting a more enlarged, extended sense of space. The flooring and walls are similar in color, giving the space an extended and enlarged effect.

The above is about the five principles' lvt patterned flooring color selection. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!

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